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MARATHON FOOD LTD, established since 1986, is a family run firm importing high quality food and drink from Cyprus, Greece and other Counties across the Mediterranean. In that time we have combined our friendly and neighbourly values with modern distribution and packaging processes to supply businesses across the U.K.

Our company mission since then has been to supply the finest products to U.K retailers and bring the Mediterranean way of life to the people.


With this in mind we launched our ANTHOS brand founded on three core principles:


Our products are sourced direct from the orchards, fields and farms of the Mediterranean. Only the highest quality pulses, crunchiest nuts, zestiest olives and finest cheeses will make it into our range.


Our products will compliment a balanced Mediterranean diet. Recognising people's shift towards healthy living, our mix of extra virgin olive oil, pulses, cereals, dried fruits and red wine, our products provide a great example of a heart healthy eating pattern.


Because we work directly with farms and farmers, who we have built relationships with over 25 years, we can deliver great value for money.

The Anthos brand is now well known for providing the finest Greek and Cypriot produce the Mediterranean has to offer. The range is expanding year by year and we are constantly trying to provide our customers with a wide variety of products at superb value.


At Marathon we also import brands and products that are in line with our company mission and values. These include:


As sole agents of a strong brand name, KEAN, a company now running since 1949, with vision to continue to be a leader in the juice category with products of exquisite taste and high quality, "The Best we can be" was the motto of the founder of KEAN, which keeps the focus on quality so that the KEAN juices and drinks are always at the top of the quality scale giving the company direction and strength to compete and grow with the times and market.


Using sustainable fishing methods, TRATA believes in social sustainability, supporting local fishing communities in the North Aegean sea. We bring to you their product's that are delicious in taste and produced in the most 'sea-friendly' and 'earth-friendly' method. None of the fish species that are packed are endangered. TRATA methods are dolphin-friendly, albatross-friendly and shark-friendly. Easy to serve, everyday eating alternatives based on the healthy Mediterranean diet, great quality sea food combined with virgin olive oil and herbs constitutes the basis of what we call the Mediterranean eating.


A range of popular fresh Dips, made daily using our own ingredients and special recipe.


Our wide range of ANTHOS Pulses and Beans are of the highest quality at prices that are of excellent value.


A selection of traditional jams, sweets and Cyprus Honey, all of which are still following the traditional recipes made for many years.

They are produced with care and use only pure fruits and highest quality materials. Some of the traditional products are spoon sweets, marmalade, soutziouko and honey.


Greece devotes 60% of its cultivated land to olive growing. It is the world's top producer of black olives and boasts more varieties of olives than any other country.

Greece holds third place in world olive production with more than 132 million trees, which produce approximately 350,000 tons of olive oil annually, of which 82% is EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. The olive is a crop - the fruit of the olive tree. Of this we are able to choose the best suppliers of both the Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We have a large selection of olives ranging from Green, Black, Kalamata, Throumba, Pitted, a large range of stuffed olives and many more. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Minos has a wonderful crystal-clear green color and a rich, fruity aroma. Most of all, MINOS Extra Virgin stands out for its exceptional, smooth taste.


The Helios Pasta range has been widely regarded as the premium pasta in Greece having been established in 1932. Quality is the symbol and the main principle of HELIOS PASTA. It is made from fine 100% durum wheat, cooked within a few minutes and has a wide varieties of styles.


Our range of meat products are authentically made in CYPRUS. Traditional delicatessen meats mainly from pork, in the village of Potamitissa, Pitsilia, an area in Cyprus renowned for producing the highest quality preserved meat products such as real village sausages, Smoked Pork Loin (Loundza), hiromeri (mature cut of pork)and many more. Our suppliers became the first Cypriot meat processing factory to be HACCP accredited.


Halloumi is a traditional Cyprus cheese, that is now enjoyed by all. Our ANTHOS Halloumi is regarded as the best quality cheese in the market. This being supported by the fact it is one of the best selling Halloumi cheese in the U.K It is fantastic for grilling, sandwich filling or ideal with a slice of watermelon on a warm summers day. Halloumi cheese is registered as a P.D.O (Protected designation of origin) meaning it can only be produced in Cyprus.


FETA is a Greek traditional product also (P.D.O.) produced by pasteurized milk from goats and sheep. The Tyras brand is one of the Leading Dairy producers in Greece and has a range of products in several sizes. The time-honoured unique cheese making recipe is what makes Tyras Feta so good.


Our highly exclusive and award winning range of wines from Greece and Cyprus are a firm favorite with the Top Greek Restaurant in the UK.

Marathon Foods

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